23 Oct

Introducing GISPD.com

David Howes & Jason Pardy

Welcome to GISPD.com, our entity to support Geographic Information Systems Professional Development, and thanks for reading our introductory post.

Since we first met at an Esri International User Conference many years ago we have often talked about how we can work together to support the GIS community. We both have extensive experience in developing procedures to support geoprocessing and spatial analysis and have a long history of helping and teaching others, so it made sense for us to establish a firm basis for our ideas and contributions. To keep things simple, we came up with the following mission:

We endeavor to support GIS professionals by providing informative resources on our website, organizing and participating in professional gatherings and conducting training events.

Our goal is to focus on both technical and non-technical aspects of GIS professional development. The technical aspects will tend to lean towards Esri ArcGIS, Microsoft .NET and Python, given our strengths in those areas, but we’re open to addressing anything that we perceive to be helpful. Our interest in the non-technical, or so-called “soft skills,” aspects of GIS professional development is similarly broad and may focus on, for example, communication matters, running a GIS business and how to bring the best out of the open source and proprietary GIS worlds.

If you’d like to learn more about our backgrounds and capabilities, please take a look at the GISPD.com About page from where you may also follow links to our individual business websites.

We’re looking forward to building a rich set of valuable resources and hope you will find them useful.